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When you are looking to transform your space with superb bathroom fitting work in Fulham, MGJ Construction is the company to call and the team to trust. We take pride in each and every one of our bathroom renovation and bathroom fitting projects across Fulham, that’s our guarantee. Our bathroom fitting in Fulham offers full design services, with materials and fixtures all professionally fitted to create the bathroom you always wanted. 

We work closely with each of our bathroom fitting and bathroom installation customers in Fulham to ensure complete customer satisfaction every time. We are proud to do all our bathroom design and installation work in Fulham under the guidance of a dedicated project manager from start to finish. With an inclusive price from materials to installation, our bathroom fitting and bathroom renovation process in Fulham is easy and reliable.

Whether you want a space saving bathroom renovation in your Fulham apartment or a stunning new bathroom installation in your Fulham townhouse, we are here to deliver and transform.

Bathroom Fitting Fulham work process
Take a look at our Bathroom Renovation Workflow!

Initial Planning
All our bathroom fitting and bathroom installation work in Fulham properties starts with a full professional consultation. Our bathroom design and installation team in Fulham works closely with each client to decide the needs of the property and requirements of the job. With bathroom fitting specs decided, design is next on the agenda.
Our bathroom fitting team in Fulham offers professional design advice and works with customers to ensure it is what they want. From selecting fixtures to finalising dimensions, our bathroom installation team in Fulham covers all bases and creates the vision you have always had in your mind, shown to you in our detailed design drawings.
Our next step for bathroom renovation work in Fulham properties is moving from finalised and approved bathroom design to the full bathroom installation. Our professional bathroom installation team in Fulham will fit with care and ensure every detail is finished in style and installed with precision.

Why Choose our Bathroom Fitting Service?

When you are looking for high quality and trusted bathroom fitting work in Fulham, MGJ is the company to choose with a reputation you can trust. All our bathroom fitting experts in Fulham have many years of invaluable industry experience, something that guarantees that all our bathroom installation and bathroom refurbishment work across Fulham is done quickly, efficiently, and to the leading industry standards.

One of the many reasons you should choose us is our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. For all our bathroom installation and bathroom fitting work in Fulham, we work closely with customers to guarantee that the project and end result meets their requirements.

When you choose MGJ Construction for bathroom fitting, bathroom installation and bathroom remodelling in Fulham, you get a wealth of expertise. Our professional portfolio of projects includes sleak, modern bathroom makeovers in Fulham apartments as well as grand and large scale bathroom installations in spacious Fulham homes, meaning that we have a vast range of services at reasonable prices.

If you want some of the best bathroom fitting experts to transform your Fulham home, and get the job done on time and within budget, choosing MGJ Construction is the place to start.

What makes our Bathroom Renovation Company Unique?

MGJ Construction is a trusted and reliable bathroom renovation and bathroom fitting company in Fulham. Our unique approach to all bathroom fitting and bathroom renovation projects in Fulham homes is customer focused and results driven. All our bathroom renovation and bathroom installation work in Fulham brings together the best of industry expertise with the highest of standards, making us a truly unique company for bathroom fitting projects of many kinds.

From doing brand new bathroom installations in Fulham townhouses to bathroom design and installation in new Fulham buildings, we work hard to ensure that customers’ visions are turned into the reality of our results. This unique customer guarantee and collaboration ensures that all our bathroom installation and bathroom fitting work across Fulham delivers results that are guaranteed to impress and are built to stand the test of time.

We keep customers informed at every stage of their bathroom fitting project, so if you want to enjoy our unique bathroom renovation work in your Fulham property, contact MGJ Construction today.

Bathroom Refurbishment & Bathroom Builders Fulham: MGJ Efficient and Expert Bathroom Fitters Fulham

Whether it is cosmetic tiles or constantly drafty windows and faulty pipes, when you need a bathroom refurbishment or bathroom renovation in your Fulham home there are plenty of things to consider.

MGJ is one of the most trusted and reliable companies when it comes to bathroom fitting, bathroom renovation and bathroom refurbishments, with each project we do showcasing our expertise and professionalism. From large scale bathroom installation in Fulham townhouses to smaller bathroom refurbishments in Fulham flats, we are here to get the job done.

All our bathroom renovation work in Fulham is done in close and detailed collaboration with our customers to ensure that we finish all bathroom renovation work on time and within the agreed budget. In terms of overall cost efficiency, getting MGJ to do your bathroom refurbishment in Fulham is a wise choice. Our guarantee to all clients is that our bathroom refurbishment and bathroom renovation work will only ever be signed off on when the work delivers completed customer satisfaction.

Extra Advantages of MGJ Bathroom Renovations in Fulham:

  • MGJs Fair Pricing Policy, Quote Price after initial viewing, customer ideas incorporated 
  • Bathroom renovations where extra material can be purchased and sent to your place
  • Equipment and Tools Brought by the our bathroom fitters
  • Time Saving and Efficient Service for all bathroom renovation work

Bathroom Refurbishment & Remodeling - Bathroom Fitting Fulham:
Best bathroom builders with own design and installation Fulham


Whether you are looking for a minor or major bathroom renovation in your Fulhamhome, there are many decisions to make about how much work you need done and whether to do a bathroom refurbishment or a bathroom renovation.  
A tight or limited budget can often determine what work is done, but even with that consideration, a bathroom refurbishment or bathroom remodelling job can deliver a new style and reinvigorate and restyle your entire space. Leaving the layout as it is does not stop your bathroom renovation including storage issue solving units or a heated towel warmer, as many bathroom refurbishments include minor changes that make big differences. 

Many of our clients decide to opt for a more significant bathroom renovation or bathroom refurbishment project at their Fulham property, which is when the team at MGJ suggest a bathroom remodelling as a great option, which can involve things being moved around to create space or extend your area by reconfiguring. Some people even do new plumbing to enable thism, making it a genuinely space changing bathroom remodelling. 


For some homeowners, a serious and full scale bathroom renovation in their Fulham property is what they want, a fully transformative bathroom renovation that makes a new space, with vastly improved functionality and a brand new style. The bathroom renovation team at MGJ can provide electrical and building regulations assistance.

Differences between Bathroom Fitting & Bathroom Refurbishment Fulham

When it comes to bathroom fitting and bathroom refurbishments, Fulham properties can be open to either, with various factors helping homeowners to make the best decision.


Bathroom Refurbishment or Bathroom Fitting Fulham: Style or Practicality?

When it comes to making the decision to do a bathroom fitting, Fulham homeowners often consider the main issue to be an upgrade in practicality. From a small terraced property where more room is desperately needed or the problems that come with a tiny bathroom fitting, Fulham bathroom renovation work is done for many great reasons. Where space is an issue, the bathroom fitting is seen as a workable solution.

For example, where style and colours can matter for a stylish bathroom refurbishment, Fulham homeowners see the bathroom refurbishment as the number one option. Whether people are bored of an old style or just fancy a splash of colour to refresh things, Fulham properties can be genuinely transformed with a professional bathroom refurbishment.

Cost Considerations: Bathroom Refurbishment compared to bathroom fitting Fulham

When it comes to bathroom contractors, Fulham has a great choice of professionals who can help you decide between a bathroom refurbishment or more extensive bathroom fitting. For bathroom fitting or bathroom renovations, Fulham homeowners see cost as a major consideration. Though refurbishments can be less expensive, a bathroom fitting can also be costly. For advice on bathroom fitting and bathroom makeovers, Fulham customers can call our expert team for advice.