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If you want a bathroom fitting project that transforms and invigorates your Harrow home, MGJ is the company to call and the team to trust. 

All our bathroom renovations and bathroom fitting work in Harrow is done with a combination of in-house design, with materials supplied by trusted companies. With MGJ, your bathroom installation work in Harrow is guaranteed to be done by fully equipped and talented professionals. 

Whether it’s bathroom renovation work or a new bathroom installation, our Harrow team is on hand to work closely with you to deliver complete satisfaction, including a dedicated project manager. Our rigorous quotation process means that all our bathroom fitting work in Harrow is trusted and guaranteed. 

From stunning bathroom refurbishments in Harrow terraces to small but gorgeous bathroom fittings in Harrow apartments, we will revolutionise and revitalize your space. 

Bathroom Fitting Harrow work process
Take a look at our Bathroom Remodeling Workflow!

Initial Planning
Starting with a detailed and thorough consultation with each client, all our bathroom fitting in Harrow is done with a clear planning process that ensures that customers get the look they want for their bathroom installation.
Our bathroom design and installation team in Harrow are on hand to help you with design ideas, discussing our different bespoke bathroom installation choices for your Harrow property. At MGJ, our bathroom renovation work in Harrow includes detailed design drawings and plans for you to see what your bathroom renovation project will look like.
When your bathroom installation or bathroom refurbishment design in Harrow is finalised and signed off on, our bathroom installation team will get to work quickly and efficiently, working to a schedule that suits you and delivering your immaculate bathroom fitting on time.

Why Choose our Bathroom Refurbishment Service?

If you are looking for a bathroom fitting in your Harrow home that combines high end materials and products with expert bathroom installation teams, MGJ is the company that has what you are looking for.

We are proud of our industry reputation that is based on years of experience and bathroom installation and bathroom renovation work in Harrow that is known for delivering customer satisfaction. Choosing us for your bathroom fitting work in Harrow guarantees professional work and customer focused teams.

We will work closely with each customer to ensure that their bathroom fitting, bathroom renovation or bathroom refurbishment work in their Harrow home is done to their exact specifications, without exception or compromise on standards. Choosing us means you have a range of options, whether you want a bathroom renovation in your Harrow townhouse or a bathroom fitting in your Harrow flat, our stylish work will transform your space and invigorate your property.

When people ask why they should choose MGJ for bathroom fitting in Harrow, we tell them that our work is guaranteed, our service is high quality and our bathroom renovation work is outstanding. Contact us today to see why so many people choose us for their bathroom fitting work in Harrow.

Why does our Bathroom Renovation Company stand out from others?

We believe that all our bathroom fitting and bathroom renovation work for Harrow clients should be a unique combination of quality work and customer focused service.

As a trusted and professional bathroom fitting company in Harrow, we are proud of our unique approach to bathroom renovation and bathroom refurbishment projects in Harrow and never fail to keep customers happy with the work we do for them.

From stunning new bathroom installations in large Harrow homes to a bathroom remodelling project in a Harrow flat, our unique commitment is to work closely with every client to ensure that we carefully create the look that people want at a price they can appreciate.

At MGJ, we believe that our unique, result-driven approach should apply to all our work, from bathroom installation to bathroom modelling, all our bathroom makeovers in Harrow give customers dedicated services that guarantee results. Our bathroom fitting teams in Harrow
will always keep customers informed at every stage of their project, taking the stress out of any work, delivering maximum results with minimum disruption.

To get all the benefits and results of our unique bathroom fitting and bathroom renovation work in your Harrow property, contact MGJ today.

Bathroom Renovation & Bathroom Installation Harrow: MGJ Efficient and Expert Bathroom Fitters Harrow

When it comes to bathroom renovation, whether it is sorting out some cosmetic tiles or bathroom fitting to fix annoyingly drafty windows and faulty pipes, bathroom refurbishment at your Harrow home requires some professional advice and important pointers.

At MGJ, our bathroom fitters in Harrow have a trusted reputation for quality bathroom fitting, high end bathroom renovation work, and bathroom installations that are always completed in a way that continues to lead industry standards, making us a popular and reliable company.

Without exception, our bathroom renovation work in Harrow is done with a close collaboration with each customer, with these consultations designed to ensure that we finish each bathroom renovation project on time and on budget. In terms of time and cost efficiency, a bathroom refurbishment or bathroom renovation is fiscally sound, and when you let MGJ do your bathroom refurbishment at your Harrow home, we will only ever sign off the work when you are happy with it.

Extra Advantages of MGJ Bathroom Renovations in Harrow:

  • Fair Pricing Policy for Bathroom Renovation: Quote Price after initial viewing, your ideas included
  • Extra Material could be purchased and sent to your place for bathroom fittings
  • Equipment and Tools Brought by the MGJ Handymen
  • Time Saving and Efficient Service for all bathroom renovation work in Harrow

Bathroom Refurbishment & Remodeling - Bathroom Fitting Harrow
Best Bathroom Builders for Design and Installation


When you need a bathroom renovation or a bathroom refurbishment in your Harrow home, it can be a decision between one of our bathroom makeovers, a full scale renovation or even a stylish remodelling, depending on what your Harrow home needs.  

For many property owners their bathroom renovation in Harrow is determined by their budget. The benefits of a bathroom renovation, even if you leave the layout as it is, can be multiple, with bathroom makeovers in Harrow homes creating newer fixtures, improved storage, or additional facilities. 

As well as those already discussed, some homeowners want a full scale, complete bathroom renovation for their Harrow homes, including bathroom design and installation. From moving things around to extending, or even including new plumbing options, a bathroom renovation or refurbishment can make a huge difference. 

In some cases, homeowners want a complete transformation and rejuvenation,. which is why they chose a full scale, high end bathroom design and installation project for their bathroom renovation in Harrow. At MGJ, we can create this magnificent new space, doing a bathroom renovation that includes electrical and building regulations assistance to make sure everything is up to code at all times.


From a minor bathroom fitting to a major bathroom renovation or new bathroom installation in your Harrow home, contact MGJ for professional service.

Differences between Bathroom Fitting & Bathroom Refurbishment Harrow

When it comes to bathroom fitting and bathroom refurbishments, Harrow homeowners often choose what is best based on different personal requirements, and the differences can be important.


Bathroom Refurbishment or Bathroom Fitting Harrow: Style or Practicality?

For many homeowners and a significant portion of our customers getting a bathroom fitting, Harrow properties of a certain layout can often mean an upgrade in practicality is needed. From small flats needing more room to tiny bathrooms needing new fixtures to open up more space, bathroom fitting is done for various reasons. Where space is an issue leading to a bathroom fitting, Harrow clients see it as a great solution.

When it comes to style and colours for a bathroom refurbishment, Harrow homeowners see it as the most sensible option. Some are fed up with old aesthetics, some fancy a splash of colour and style to refresh their room and with a professional bathroom refurbishment, Harrow homes can be transformed.

Cost Considerations: Bathroom Refurbishment compared to bathroom fitting Harrow

For each of our projects involving bathroom fitting or bathroom refurbishment, Harrow clients see costs as critical. Where refurbishments can be less expensive, a bathroom fitting can mean more money is needed for fixtures or parts. Whether a bathroom fitting or bathroom refurbishment, Harrow customers can use our expert advice to guide them.