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When it comes to house extension work in London, MGJ are here to deliver. Our team of accredited and experienced professionals represent our company mission, to be the best extension builders in London, keeping customers happy in their home. Guaranteed to look great and built to the highest industry standard, our house extensions will make you proud of your home, inside and out.

From tailor-made house extensions to modern kitchen extensions, loft extensions to grow your home, or even a rear extension to add to the footprint of your property, we work with customers to make sure they get what they want. Getting the best team is key, and at MGJ, our minimum requirement is your maximum satisfaction.

With so many lovely homes and house extensions in London, it’s easy to see why so many of our customers want to enjoy the benefits of home, rear, or loft extensions, and we are here to get that done for you.

Hiring house extension builders is an important decision, something we understand. That’s why we offer professionals to work on all our house extensions in London, building the best and keeping home owners satisfied with all our work.

What you need to know about Home Extensions, Kitchen Extensions & Loft Extensions London


House extensions come in all shapes and sizes, and making sure you get one of the best house extensions in London is important to all house proud home owners. Whether it’s house extensions, or kitchen extensions, loft extensions or house extensions, London is full of people looking to upgrade their home and make a bigger footprint for their property.

It’s not just about the size of the project, it’s about the quality of the work, which makes securing the services of the right professional house extension builders important. With so many house extension companies in London, making the right choice can be the key to getting the tailor-made solution for your house or kitchen extension work.

In such a beautiful county, rear extension work is also popular, and for many, is a key part of any house extension project, and just as important as any loft or general house extension when it comes to the quality of a home.

From bespoke kitchens to stylish loft extensions, large scale house extensions to a light and airy rear extension, London is a place where homeowners are always looking to maximize both the potential and the value of their homes. Getting the right solution for your house extensions needs means working with a company that listens, and offers a cost-effective and professional team of house extension builders to get the work done, guaranteed and on time.

So when you are looking for house extensions in London, we’re here today, so let’s get building.


Check some benefits of House Extensions served by
Professional House Extension Builders in London

Being proud of your house is important, and improving your property size and value is one of the main reasons people do house extensions in London. From bespoke kitchen extensions to stylish loft extensions, creating more space and upgrading your home can offer so many benefits. Hire local house extension builders in London, and let us  get building for you.

Elegant House Extensions

For house extensions that stand out, you need the best house extensions builders in London. Professional, experienced, and ready to deliver you one of the most gorgeous home extensions around.

High Class London Home Extensions

With so many benefits, from more room to more style, getting kitchen extensions, or more general home extensions in your London home makes perfect sense, so let’s get things started.

Benefits of Building Home Extensions

Whether it’s house extensions, kitchen extensions, or even a loft extension you need, we’ll help you get all the wonderful benefits to be had from bespoke home extensions in London.

Kitchen to Loft Extensions, Benefits of Building

From bespoke kitchen extensions to spacious house extensions upstairs or down, our local extension builders in London create homes that impress, and house extensions that deliver exactly what you need.

London’s Hottest Home Extensions

Whether it’s luxury kitchen extensions, spacious loft extensions, or a set of home extensions throughout your property, working with a professional team of house extension builders in London guarantees success.

Extend your home, create your dream house

Some of the finest home extensions in London have been created by our team of house extensions builders. Working with clients, delivering home extensions that make your house a home.