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When it comes to bathroom fitting projects in London, MGJ is here to get your job done. Each of our bathroom renovations and bathrooms in London homes are designed, supplied and fully fitted professionally, allowing you to relax as our expert team builds the bathroom of your dreams. Our bathroom renovation work in London is guaranteed to deliver complete satisfaction with start to finish project management. Our bathroom installation quotations for our London customers are inclusive, one price and one supplier to deliver a fully functioning and completed bathroom. From a bathroom installation in a London flat to a bathroom fitting in a London townhouse, our team can transform any space into a place of tranquillity where you can relax, unwind and revive the senses.

Bathroom Fitting London work process
Look how our Bathroom Refurbishment work looks like!

Initial Planning
Our bathroom fitting in London starts with a consultation where we work closely with our customers to establish exactly what your needs are. Our understanding of your requirements and styles guides all our renovation work in London, before moving on to design considerations.
Our bathroom fitting experts in London walk you through our bespoke bathroom selection to help you choose the perfect elements for you. All our bathroom renovation in London includes us providing design detailed drawings and plans so you can envision exactly what your bathroom will look like.
Once you have approved the final design for your bathroom renovation in London,, our expert installation team will then work hard to carefully craft the bathroom of your dreams so that it is ready for you to enjoy.

Why Choose or Bathroom Fitting London Service ?

When it comes to bathroom fitting in London and high end bathroom renovation work, MGJ is the company to call and the team to trust. Our years of industry experience ensure that each of our bathroom renovation projects in London is done to the highest industry standards, by dedicated professionals. We work closely with each customer to ensure that their bathroom fitting in London is done to their exact requirements, which is why customers choose us for so many projects across the capital. From large and modern bathroom makeovers in London townhouses to small but stylish bathroom refurbishment work in London flats, our range of services has something to suit any property that needs the job done. Our bathroom builders in London are on hand to carefully create the look you want at a price you can appreciate. When people choose MGJ, they know they are guaranteed some of the finest bathroom fitting services in London, Contact us today for all your bathroom renovation needs.

What makes or Bathroom Renovation Company London Unique?

As a well established professional bathroom fitting company in London, we know that customers come first. Our unique approach to bathroom renovation and bathroom refurbishment in London combines our superior customer service with our industry standard setting work. Whether it’s a brand new bathroom installation in a London terrace or a modernizing bathroom renovation in an old London Edwardian home, we carefully create the look that people want at a price they can appreciate. It is this approach that makes us a unique company, as does our belief that each and every bathroom fitting job in London deserves the best service with guaranteed results. Our extension builders in London offer a similarly unique experience to clients, keeping them informed at every stage of the project and ensuring that they are happy with each stage of completion. To enjoy our unique bathroom fitting and bathroom renovation work in your London property, contact us today.

Bathroom Refurbishment & Bathroom Installation London
By Efficient and Expert Bathroom Fitters London

From cosmetic tiles to annoyingly drafty windows and faulty pipes, there are many pointers that you need a bathroom refurbishment at your London home. As a trusted bathroom fitting company in London, MGJ offers quality bathroom renovation work, always completed by our fully experienced team, with a range of bathroom fitting options for London homes of many styles and sizes.  When it comes to our bathroom renovation work in London, we collaborate closely with customers to ensure that we finish the project on time and on budget. For cost efficiency, a bathroom refurbishment at your London home makes sense. When you let us do your bathroom refurbishment in London, we will only ever sign off the work when you are happy with it.  Extra Advantages of MGJ Bathroom Renovations in London:

  • Our Fair Pricing Policy – Quote Price after initial viewing, your ideas included
  • Extra Material could be purchased and sent to your place
  • Equipment and Tools Brought by the Handymen
  • Time Saving and Efficient Service

Bathroom refurbishment & remodeling - Bathroom fitting London
Best bathroom builders with own design and installation London


When it comes time to get a new bathroom, you can go down a full, new bathroom fitting road, or do a bathroom renovation at your London home.  For homeowners on a tighter budget, a simple but effective bathroom renovation in their London property can reinvigorate and restyle. If you leave the layout as it is, this kind of bathroom renovation can include additional storage units, a heater towel warmer, or other small but important upgrades and changes. 

For those who want to do a more thorough bathroom renovation at their London place, remodelling is a suggested option, where you can move things around or even extend your space by reconfiguring with space from adjacent rooms or corridors, with new plumbing an option for a wholesale bathroom fitting of this size in your London home.  Ultimately, some homeowners want a serious bathroom renovation for their London property, transforming it into a completely new space, with more functionality and style, which is where MGJ can also provide electrical  and building regulations assistance to make sure everything is up to code. 


Whatever bathroom fitting or bathroom renovation, or even new bathroom installation work you need in London, consult professionals like MGJ about necessary plumbing, waste, pipework and electrics, and do it during the design phase to avoid problems later on.

Differences between Bathroom Fitting & Bathroom Refurbishment London

When it comes to bathroom fitting and bathroom refurbishments in London properties, there are some important differences for customers to understand.


Bathroom Refurbishment or Bathroom Fitting London: Style or Practicality?

For many of our customers, deciding to do a bathroom fitting in their London home is often to do with practicality. Whether it’s a small flat where more room is required or a tiny bathroom where new fixtures could open up much needed space, our bathroom fitting in London is done for many great reasons. Where space is an issue, the bathroom fitting is a great choice. When it comes to style and colours, for example, a bathroom refurbishment in London home is often the most advisable plan. Whether people are fed up with their old aesthetics, or just fancy a splash of colour and style to refresh their room, a bathroom refurbishment in London can transform the look and feel of a bathroom.

Cost Considerations. Bathroom Refurbishment in compare to bathroom fitting London

For each of our bathroom fitting projects in London, and our bathroom refurbishments, costs are important. Where refurbishments can be less expensive, a bathroom fitting in London can mean more for new parts. We are happy to advise on the most cost effective solution, whether a bathroom fitting or bathroom refurbishment in London.

Bathroom Refurbishments - Bathroom Renovation London

When you decide to do a full-scale bathroom refurbishment at your London home, the cost can be considerable, with a lot of work to do, sometimes more than you first thought. To get that work done professionally, by a team of experienced bathroom fitting experts in London can also be something to consider, especially if you want high-quality materials and finished to match. 

The length of time it takes to do a bathroom renovation or bathroom refurbishment in a London home varies and depends on the size of the space, and how much preparation or tiling needs to be done in the early stage of the project. 

For many, though not for all of our bathroom refurbishment projects in London, the average timeline is around ten days, with the old bathroom being removed at the very beginning, usually by the end of day one. Our team of bathroom fitting professionals working in London always try to minimize the disruption to the clients’ home, as well as doing all bathroom refurbishment work at a time that fits in with your individual schedule and routine, but all bathroom fitting in London does involve minor inconveniences to your home. 

For customers that only have one bathroom and want a bathroom renovation or refurbishment at their London property, ensuring that they have alternative plans for baths, showers, and general ablutions is essential, as the bathroom will be out of commission for the time of the project. 

Even if those arrangements aren’t perfect, at least ensure that, during the bathroom refurbishment at your London home, you can use a kitchen sink to wash or clean up from the start to completion of the work.  We know how important having a toilet is, which is why, for all our bathroom renovation, bathroom fitting and bathroom refurbishment projects in London, we will always leave the existing toilet in place if you have just the one in your home. Even when the bathroom fitting project reaches the new toilet installation phase, our team will work quickly to ensure just a couple of hours will elapse between the old one being taken out and the new one becoming fully available. 

Each of our bathroom fitting and bathroom refurbishment projects in London is done with a similar level of consideration when it comes to the mains water supply. At some stage in every single bathroom renovation or bathroom remodeling job in London, it is inevitable that the mains water will need to be turned off from time to time during the course of the work. Our bathroom fitting team in London will ensure that you are never without access to water for more than a couple of hours. 

At the start of most of our bathroom refurbishment projects in London, the time is spent removing the old suite in preparation for the new one, including tile removal and everything else that is needed. Some bathroom refurbishments in London reveal unforeseen issues but at MGJ we honour our written price quote to complete the bathroom refurbishment at your London home.

Bathroom Renovating & Bathroom Remodeling London
or Starting From Scratch

From bathroom renovation or remodelling, there many ways to achieve a new bathroom:

Although it may sound simple, if you are operating on a budget a bathroom renovation at your London home doesn’t have to be on a large scale. From moving plumbing to adding storage, our bathroom makeovers in London can do more with less. 

For those who want to do a bathroom remodelling at their London home, we can help extend space, maximising every square foot you have to work with, or even taking space from another adjacent room to do a bathroom remodelling that works for you. 

As well as the minor bathroom makeovers in London, our team at MGJ Construction can also do bigger bathroom renovation or bathroom fitting projects in London homes of all styles and sizes. With all regulations and plumbing, electrics and pipework factored in, we can work with you towards the bathroom fitting you have always wanted.


High quality bathroom renovation & bathroom refurbishment London

If you are looking for a reliable, high quality, and guaranteed bathroom renovation or bathroom refurbishment at your London home, MGJ is the company to call and the team to trust. Our years of invaluable industry experience in bathroom fitting and bathroom renovations in London properties of many kinds ensures that we are able to transform your room, creating a beautiful and stylish end result. 

Whatever style, color, or unique requirement you want for your bathroom renovation or bathroom refurbishment in London, contact us for all the help and advice you need and let MGJ create the bathroom renovation you have always wanted for you and your family. 

Bringing style and functionality to your home, MGJ is here for all your bathroom renovation work in London. 

Unique Small Bathroom Renovation and Bathroom Refurbishment in London Apartments

When it comes to bathroom fitting and bathroom renovation in London apartments, just because it’s smaller scale, doesn’t mean you can’t get stylish results. With space at a premium, delivering a unique look for your apartment’s bathroom is all about getting the quality design, top class materials, and a bespoke result.  From sleek and stylish bathroom fitting in London apartments to bathroom renovation work for more traditional apartments, MGJ Construction will work with you to deliver the unique look that you have always wanted.  We believe that small bathrooms can be stunning, which is why we do bathroom renovation work across London in apartments of all styles, in buildings old and more recent. Getting tailor-made results creates a unique look and feel, which is why bathroom fitting in London apartments is such a creative process, as well as delivering maximum space utilization with the look that you want.  Contact MGJ Construction to start your unique London apartment bathroom renovation project. 


Bathroom Refurbishments London: What We Offer?

At MGJ, we are proud to offer a full service bathroom refurbishment and bathroom renovation range in London. From design through to fitting and finishing, moving stud walls to installing shower units and so much more, we use hand selected suppliers to ensure a stylish bathroom refurbishment for every London client. 

We are proud to boast many years of industry experience, and all our bathroom fitting professionals in London are experienced, and able to create bathroom refurbishments that meet London clients’ individual style and practical use needs. Contact us today for bathroom fittings in London. 

What should I be aware of when making a bathroom renovation & bathroom remodeling London?


When it comes to bathroom fitting in London homes, many of the older and larger properties in the capital have been converted into flats, sometimes from buildings that were never intended to be self-contained units. Often, these need bathroom renovation and bathroom installation, as London homes such as that are not great in terms of layout and usable space for modern homeowners.

At MGJ Construction, many of our bathroom renovation and bathroom fitting projects in London involve a radical but practical floor plan adjustment or even an extension for some of our bathroom makeovers in London. which can be complicated and not without problems to solve.

Our expert bathroom renovation team in London can take care of all the planning, building regulations, and use their considerable expertise to deliver a stunning bathroom renovation in your London home.

Simple Steps to Your Dream Bathroom Design and Installation London

When it comes to bathroom renovation and bathroom installation work in London properties, few things are more popular when it comes to home projects. From the return on investment element to the upgrade in facilities, bathroom renovations in London really make a difference to homeowners who want to sell or stay put. From a dream bathroom to a more modest upgrade, bathroom refurbishments in London homes can be done to any budget, so here are some tips to help you make the right choices: 

Determine Your Exact 
Bathroom Renovation Needs 

First think about whether you want a complete bathroom renovation for your London home or just a bathroom remodeling for some parts of your fittings and fixtures. From installing a new corner sink to installing a wall mounted toilet, deciding on the exact requirements for your bathroom renovation in London is key. From enhancing storage in bathroom renovation projects in London flats to creating a more stunning bathroom refurbishment in bigger homes, we will take your requirements as our guide and ensure that the bathroom renovation in your London home is precisely what you want in both aesthetics and practicality.  

Decide on Design
of bathroom remodeling

For any bathroom fitting or bathroom renovation project in London, getting architectural plans helps visualize the required results, but the design is the critical element for the bathroom renovation results. Whether it unit locations, lighting ideas, storage space, color schemes, underfloor heating or mirrors and doors, the design for our bathroom renovation work in London needs to be clear and defined to your specifications. Our bathroom renovation experts in London can advise every step of the way, making your bathroom remodeling work go smoothly, delivering the design you want, at a price you will appreciate. 

Set a Realistic Budget For
Bathroom Renovation Projects

Any bathroom renovation, bathroom remodeling or bathroom fitting project in London needs to be planned meticulously, and with a budget that is realistic for what you want. Our bathroom installation teams in London advise customers to make their requirements and budgets clear before any work is started, from design to styles, materials and products, all have to be within your budget, so get the quotes that you are happy to stick to. For tighter bathroom renovation budgets, London customers often incorporate existing fixtures, going for a bathroom remodeling rather than a full installation. Our professional bathroom renovation, bathroom installation and bathroom remodeling team in London is on hand to help, so call to arrange a free quote from MGJ Construction today.