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Home extension or addition, UK barn conversion to provide a single storey granny annexe, annex

When the time comes to transform your home with a high quality house refurbishment Southall calling MGJ is the place to start. Without exception, our house extensions Southall works are all professionally designed and fitted, ensuring continuity of project management from start to finish.

When you use us to do your house extensions Southall, you are guaranteed to get complete satisfaction and professional service. We work with customers to offer full and trusted quotations for all our house extensions Southall work, giving you peace of mind that your budget will be kept to. 

Whether it’s a house extensions Southall in your terrace or a full scale house renovation Southall in your flat, our professional experts will work hard on every detail to ensure you get the home you always wanted. 

House Extensions Southall work process
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When you work with MGJ for house extensions Southall work, you always get an initial planning consultation to establish what you want and the need in your home. Our house refurbishment Southall team is always on hand to help with this.
Our design team offers a customer focussed approach to creating bespoke projects of homes. Our design team will talk you through your options and ensure that you get all the elements you need to deliver a house renovation Southall that meets your exact specifications, as seen in the detailed drawings we provide.
With the final house extensions Southall designs for your property agreed, our house refurbishment Southall team swings into action. Keeping you informed at every stage, our work team gives ourcustomers peace of mind that the space they always wanted will be installed to exacting standards, without exception and only ever signed off on when the customer is satisfied.

Why Choose our House Extensions Southall Company?

When you’re looking for truly stunning house extensions Sothall work to be done in your property, MGJ Construction is the company to call.

But why choose us?

Put simply, we are experts at designing, creating and building house extensions Southall that are both great to look at and built to last. Our extension service to our customers is focused on their visions and designed to ensure the best house renovation Southall each and every time. Our team of house refurbishment Southall experts are dedicated to delivering results that set industry standards and deliver what our customers ask for.

We work closely with clients for all extensions including loft conversion Southall work, making us a popular choice with many homeowners. People choose our house renovation Southall for many projects, from small flats to brand new house extensions Southall homes, enjoying our skills and versatility as well as our results.

Choosing us means you get the hous extensions Southall you want at a price you can appreciate, so contact MGJ Construction to enjoy maximum results with success guaranteed.

What makes our House Extensions Southall Company Unique?

When it comes to enjoying a truly unique house extensions Southall, we set the standards and deliver the results.

Our years of industry experience coupled with our customer focused approach make us unique in our field, meaning that each of our house refurbishment Southall projects are done to the highest standard with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

From customers who want a stunning new house extensions Southall, to those who want a sleek, contemporary house extensions Southall at their property, our unique approach is all about delivering what customers want from consultation through to completion.

We are committed to making every house renovation Southall project our focus, and our design and work team is always on hand to offer a uniquely bespoke service that you can trust and enjoy. To take advantage of our unique approach to extensions and house refurbishment Southall, contact MGJ Construction without delay.

House Renovation Southall: MGJ Efficient and Expert Extension Builders

At MGJ, we do house refurbishment Southall that is designed to fix many issues. Whether it is cosmetic tiles, drafty windows or faulty pipes, we know that refurbishment work can be complicated and getting professional pointers can be invaluable before any work is started.

With an experienced team of house refurbishment Southall professionals, MGJ offers high refurbishment work which is always completed to a superb standard, with a range of extensions options for homes of all styles and sizes, from Edwardian to Victorian to new builds.

For all our house renovation Southall work we collaborate closely with our customers, with these consultations guaranteed to ensure that we finish the project on time, within budget and to our clients exact specifications.

When MGJ does your house refurbishment Southall, we will ensure that it makes fiscal sense as well as design suitability. Our commitment to each refurbishment customer is that we will only ever sign off on our work when you are happy with the results.

Extra Advantages of MGJ Home Renovation Southall

  • MGJs Fair Pricing Policy: Initial viewing price quote with customer ideas included 
  • Refurbishment where extra material could be purchased and sent to your place
  • Equipment and Tools Brought by the MGJ renovation team
  • Time Saving and Efficient Service for all our house renovation Southall work
Timber frame house extension or annexe under construction with modern foil insulation and exterior brick wall

House Refurbishment Southall
Best builders with own design

Custom kitchen cabinets in various stages of installation; base for island in center

Deciding you want a new extension is the start of a process that has many options for a homeowner; from a full house renovation Southall, to a more subtle house refurbishment the choices are there. 

Some of the homeowners we work with have a precise and relatively small budget, which is where the team at MGJ recommended a simple but effective house renovation Southall that can still reinvigorate and restyle to take your space to another level. Even if the layout remains the same, this kind of renovation is able to include superb storage solution  units or things such as heated towel warmers.

Other homeowners we work with opt for a more thorough renovation or one of our bigger house refurbishment Southall their property. Our MGJ team often recommends bathroom remodelling as an option, showing our clients how they can move things around or extend their space by reconfiguring with space from adjacent rooms. Some of our house refurbishment Southall even include new plumbing to help with the reconfiguration results. 

To create full functionality combined with the ultimate style, a full house renovation Southall, one of our high end makeovers is the way to go, and we can also help with plumbing and electrics for this kind of refurbishment.

One skylight installed with interior cutouts finished on two more. Fireplace and cabinet cutouts complete

Differences between Renovation & House Refurbishment Southall

When considering a choice between renovation and house refurbishment Southall homeowners need to consider and understand a few things before making that choice.

bright, friendly, modern loft construction site drywall without people in daylight

Home Refurbishment or House Renovation Southall Style or Practicality?

Deciding whether to do a house extensions Southall or refurbishment, homeowners often make the issue of practicality their primary concern. Some people have small flats where space is at a premium, others have a tiny extension where new fixtures deliver more space. When it comes to house refurbishment Southall customers decided to do them for a variety of good reasons, and where space is an issue, the refurbishment route is a great choice.

Some of our customers want to incorporate a new style and different colours in their house renovation Southall customers also want a more modern style to change their look, which is where a renovation is often the most advisable plan. Whether people are fed up with their old, jaded decor or really fancy a dash of vibrant colour and to rejuvenate their room with a home renovation Southall homes can be truly transformed.

Cost Considerations.
Home extension compared to loft conversion Southall

For each of our extension and loft conversion Southall customers see cost as one of the most important factors. Loft conversion Southall can often be less expensive, but even a small refurbishment can involve the cost of new fixtures. When it comes to advice on cost effective extension or loft conversion Southall customers can contact us for professional advice as we are happy to advise on the most cost effective solution.