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When it comes to tiling in London, getting the professionals to do the work is the key to success. As a trusted tiling company in London, we are here to deliver quality work and beautiful results. With a team of experienced tiling contractors and a range of tiling services available across London, we are here to make the process seamless, from hiring to completion. For all your tiling, floor tiling, and more, call MGJ Construction today for the best tiling company in London. 

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Our tiling contractors in London offer competitive prices, cost effective tiling services that deliver quality work. Our reputation as a tiling company in London ensures that customers get the services of highly skilled tiling contractors who use the most recent and trusted tiling technologies.  Thanks to our portfolio of tiling projects, our tiling contractors have a stellar reputation across London. One look through our customer reviews will show you that our tiling services and the work of all our tiling contractors in London continues to make us a tiling company that London customers trust.  Our varied and trusted tiling services in London include: 

  • Kitchen Tiling Services London
  • Bathroom Tiling Services
  • Tiling for shower room areas London
  • Floor tiling by professional tilers London
  • Wet room tilers London
  • Victorian Tilers in London
  • Bathroom Installation
  • Stone Tilers London

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When it comes to tiling contractors for your London job, you need MGJ Construction, the tiling company you can rely on for results. Our tiling work is done on time, professionally, and within the agreed budget. Whether you need tiling service in a London flat or a transformational tiling job in a London townhouse, our tiling contractors will offer their expert advice and expert services to ensure you get the results you want and the quality service you deserve.  Whatever design you may want, or whatever the scale of size of your tiling service needs in London, contact MGJ Construction today, your trusted tiling company in London. 

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At MGJ Construction we are proud to offer tiling to London customers that makes your project easier than you thought it ever could be. Our tiling contractors will come to your London property and remove old tiles before transforming your place with the new. All our London tilers take pride in creating maximum results with minimum disruption to your kitchen, bathroom, and home. As a tiling company in London with years of industry experience, we are able to provide floor tiling and tiling service to London customers with homes of all sizes, and we will only ever sign off on our tiling when customers are fully satisfied. Our tiling service in London has many advantages, including: 

  • Tiling suitable for all kinds of properties and rooms
  • Time-saving, efficient, and flexible tiling service
  • All tiling equipment and tools are brought by the specialists
  • Extra materials can be bought and delivered to your place
  • Hourly-based charges, so that you pay for the actual time the service takes

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Our tiling service in London is thorough and all inclusive. When you hire our tiling contractors in London, they will be on site on time, with all the necessary tiling equipment for the whole project. When your tiling selections are finalized, our tilers in London can also collect and deliver your tiles of choice before any of the tiling work starts. Our quick and efficient service is what makes us a tiling company in London people love. 

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All our expert tilers in London are on hand to offer their professional opinion on what kind of tiles are most suitable for your property. Our tiling contractors in London deliver maximum results with minimum disruption to your home or schedule. 

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When it comes to tiling floors and all tiling service in London, from removing old tiles to placing new ones, our tiling contractors work efficiently and professionally, including all the grouting and sealing, with our tilers in London guaranteeing your place will be as clean when we finish as it was before we started.

Tile Choices, Our Wide Range

Whether it’s tiling for your London home kitchen or our tiling service for your London bathroom our range of tiles provide something for all tastes, styles and budgets: 

  • Mosaic

  • Porcelain

  • Slate

  • Marble

  • Vinyl

  • Glass

  • Victorian

  • Ceramic

  • Natural stone

At MGJ Construction, our tiling service is varied, and our tilers can help with: 

  • Patterns and features

  • Commercial tiling

  • Floor tiling for London properties

  • Bathroom tiles in London 
  • Domestic tiling and more

MGJ tiling contractor & tiling service London

When it comes to tiling in London properties, porcelain tiles are popular, as they are composed of fine porcelain clay and fired at a much higher temperature than traditional ceramic tiles making them much hard and dense. Tilers in London often use these tiles due to their highly durable make-up, as porcelain is more resistant to scratches and can withstand extremes of temperature. When you use porcelain for floor tiling in your London property, you get stain resistance as they have a very low water absorption rate. Floor tiling in London using porcelain tiles can be either glazed or unglazed. This kind of tiling in London means the tiles benefit from the application of a penetrating sealer to give it added stain resistance and to aid cleaning.

Floor tiling in London properties is often done using this kind of tile. Travertine is a sedimentary rock, a form of limestone composed of calcium carbonate. Formed from hot springs millions of years ago, the stone is characterized by pitted holes and troughs in its surface. A large quantity of it was used to construct The Colosseum in Rome, making it fit for floor tiling in the most grand London buildings as well as domestic homes, too.  Travertine can be purchased “filled” or “unfilled.” It can be honed or polished to a smooth, shiny finish and comes in a variety of colours from white through to cream, beige and red. Like all natural stones used for floor tiling in London, travertine should be sealed to give it added stain resistance and to aid cleaning. Being acid-sensitive, travertine should be cleaned with a neutral ph or slightly alkaline cleaner.

Engineered Stone
Engineered stone, used by tilers across London, is a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by a polymer resin, it is typically stronger in flexibility and hardness, and less porous than natural stone. Engineered stone products are gaining in popularity and are sometimes preferred over granite products because they require less maintenance.

As an established tiling company in London, we often use marble tiling, which customers like as it is a metamorphic rock, a form of limestone composed mainly of calcium carbonate and found in many countries. This kind of floor tiling, popular in London homes, was formed under intense heat and pressure and features veins and swirls of colour. This kind of floor tiling for London customers can be supplied, honed, or polished to a very high finish and can be found in black, white, gray, green, pink and several other shades. Like all natural stone, marble tiles should be sealed to give them added stain resistance and to aid cleaning. 

Popular with tilers in London, and a much used floor tiling in London properties, Onyx is a highly decorative material formed in banded layers of sediment near cold springs,  used as a gemstone and as a highly decorative surfacing material for centuries.  As a tiling company in London, we know that there are many varieties of onyx including semi-translucent veining that may be backlit, creating a dramatic effect. When it comes to tilling in London buildings, our tilers know that Onyx is best suited for interior walls, vertical surfaces, and vanity countertops, or as a decorative trim.

Another popular material for tiling in London, and used by expert tilers across London buildings of many kinds, “Kerlite” is laminated stoneware obtained by means of an extremely innovative production system, which is the outcome of the latest technology. It is produced in whole slabs of size 300×100 cm without using dies. Kerlite is pressed at a force of 15,000 tons and it is only 3mm thick. A fully automated cutting line allows different sizes to be cut.

Available through our tiling company in London, encaustic tiles are a ceramic tile where the pattern is inlaid into the body of the tile. The patterns are made up of different colours of clay, heated into a liquid called the slip, and poured into a mould and then fired. Encaustic tiles were first developed and used in the medieval period.

Our tiling contractors in London enjoy using this kind of floor tiling as it offers durability, elegance, and versatility. This kind of floor tiling has been a popular variety of stone for centuries, and tilers across London like the fact that it is suitable for tabletops, vanities and kitchen counter tops in addition to high traffic flooring and walls.  It is extremely dense, which means unlike some varieties of natural stone, it’s generally not as porous, so it’s not prone to absorption and staining. Doing floor tiling in London with these tiles, a silicate, not a calcium carbonate, means it won’t etch when exposed to acidic foods and beverages such as lemon juice, tomatoes and red wine.

Our toiling company in London often guests requests for this kind of floor tiling, which is a popular kind of floor tiling among London customers, as Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed over millions of years from deposits of marine invertebrates. This kind of toiling, found in many London buildings,  is predominantly cream in colour with numerous fascinating fossilized remains in evidence.

One of the most unique and distinctive tiles used for tiling in London, Mosaic tiles are small pieces of tile usually supplied on a mesh backing or sometimes paper faced. Originally they were used to create intricate designs or pictures. As our tiling contractors in London know well, this tiling can be made from all types of material including ceramic, glass, and natural stone.

Found in some of the most exquisite tiling work in London, Terracotta is a ceramic material that has been used for construction and decorative arts since ancient times in cultures around the world. Terracotta, which literally means “baked earth,” is made from natural clay which gives it a characteristic reddish-brown colour. Our tilers in London advise that Terracotta may be glazed for extra durability or to provide colour. 

Flexible Tiles - Great Idea for Wall Tiling done by Professional Tilers London

When it comes to tiling in London, there are many options, as flexible wall tiles come in a variety of shapes, colours, finishes and sizes, with this kind of floor tiling using a mixture of an acrylic dispersion and natural granules manufactured by a baking furnace technology.

These traditional brick wall tiles can be successfully used to embellish both interior and exterior walls, while also protecting the structure of the building, whatever the style chosen.  Our tiling contractors across London have used this kind of tiling in many types of buildings, including homes, hotels, public buildings such a libraries, restaurants, guesthouses, shops, bars, conference rooms, columns and pillars, public spaces, balconies, chimneys, fireplaces, sockets, parapets, terraces, cellars and more.  When you compare them to traditional brick tiles, flexible ones can be easily fitted on curved surfaces or even edges without requiring special shapes, with their lightness ensuring that they can be easily and practically mounted at any height you may want.  For more advice, contact our tiling contractors in London. 

Advantages of Flexible Wall Tiles:

Waterproof, non-toxic and environmentally friendly product
Surface Mounted on to breathe, while still ensuring protection
Increases Thermal Resistance To the Elements
Easy Installation, Any Surface using glue/adhesive for flexible/ceramic wall tiles
Fireproof and Prevents Fire Propagation
Ideal for mounting on edges or curved surfaces
Easy to clean with a soft brush under a water jet
Highly resistant to physical/environmental factors such as scratches/freeze-thaw.

Tiles Repair & Restoration - MGJ Proffesional Tilers

As our experienced tiling contractors in London know well, tiled surfaces can become chipped, scratched, stained or damaged over time. At MGJ Construction we have a team that can repair floors, walls, steps, vanity units, worktops, facades or any other stone surface that has become damaged or worn. 

For all our tiling repair and restoration work in London, we use only the latest technology, glues epoxies, diamond abrasives and nano treatments to complete our repairs and in some instances we are able to take away and repair or fabricate items such as stair treads and risers.

Stone Floors Repair


Our tiling contractors in London source, fix and replace all natural stone to match existing floors, and our toiling work includes loose stones being re-laid to prevent damage to surrounding areas and new stone can then be colour-enhanced to blend in with existing material.



With a crack team of tiling contractors in London, MGJ is able to offer a range of resurfacing procedures to restore original finishes or alter a current finish. Our tiling services also include honing, diamond polishing and grinding as well as our ability to do etch mark removal from all natural stone floors. 

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